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Jun 5, 2019

When an unexpected injury happens on a cryptid hunt, McKayla is forced to wait out a storm in a small hospital surrounded by strange events. 

Zoo is created by C.J. Housh, Coni Kitts, and Codi Phillips.

This episode is written by C.J. Housh

The voice of McKayla Kespar is Coni Kitts

The voice of Doctor Crippen is Andrew Inserillo

The voice of Nurse Beverly Tanner is Michelle Nickolaisen

The voice of Mrs. Jacobs is Amanda Hall

The voice of Chaplain Gordon Donlan is David J Dickson

The screams of Agent Barnes are Chris Meier

The Voices of the Mothman is C.J. Housh

The voice of Alexander Beckett is Nathan Gandy

And a Special Thank You to Lee Davis-Thalbourne for his reading of the intro. Check out his podcast, Love and Luck, at

Directed by Codi Phillips.

Sound Design by C.J. Housh

Original Music by Nathan Gandy

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